Little Star Mission

Little Star sparks children’s curiosity, compassion and sense of community through joyful learning and discovery.

We believe:

1. We believe early childhood education helps us all be good citizens of the world. It is our foundation for making the world a better place.

2. We believe in the core Montessori values that everything is interconnected and interdependent and that all children have unlimited curiosity and potential. We strive to model and teach this.

3. We believe it takes a village to love, support, and grow great kids – and we believe that this village needs us.

4. We believe our staff has the most important jobs in the world.

5. We believe we are worthy of support.

6. We believe we can grow & change to meet community needs.

Come visit us! If you're interested in taking a tour of the school, meeting our wonderful teachers and learning more about what we're up to, give us a call at 509-996-2801.


Little Star History

Little Star Montessori School was founded in 1982 as a non-profit organization by Rayma Hayes, a certified Montessori instructor, and a group of parents who wanted to establish a quality preschool in the Methow Valley.  In 1989, after seven years in three different rented spaces, land was donated to the school and, with contributions of money and services from community members, construction of a new school began. The new building was completed in 1992 and since that date has been the home of Little Star School.

For the past 35 years, Little Star Montessori School has provided early education to young children, aged 18-months through kindergarten. We strive to be responsive to community needs. Toddler, preschool and kindergarten have consistently been the core of Little Star’s programs, but we also offer after school programs, summer camps and, in previous years, elementary education.

Little Star has actively sought out and encouraged enrollment of children from low-income families. In 1997 the Little Star Board of Directors established a scholarship committee to develop a stronger scholarship program. Currently, approximately 30% of our students receive some form of scholarship to attend our school.

A great deal of our operating budget and scholarship funds come from the fundraising efforts of our parents and Board members. Our fundraising efforts are many and include Methow Values Coupon Book sales to our more elaborate bi-annual Little Star Auction. Community support for this event has allowed it to become the mainstay for Little Star.

Little Star has a dedicated teaching staff and has seen substantial growth over the years. Currently the Little Star Staff includes teachers who have been here since the beginning, staff who have been employed for 20+ years, and alum students who are now staff, sending their own children to Little Star. 

Since its inception, Little Star has educated over 2,000 Methow Valley children.

"Little Star created a strong foundation for my life. It is important to bring forth the joy of learning in a child so that as they journey through life they can seek the most out of every experience and use their knowledge to better prepare for the future. Little Star taught me how to ask questions, and better yet, to find answers."

Brian Gregg, Little Star Graduate, 2014 Olympian