Why Give?

“I used to think that college was the most important decision regarding education. After watching the transformation of my kids and their peers at Little Star and getting to know amazing adult alums, I now believe that a great early childhood education dramatically resets horizons and the trajectory of life and all education to follow.”

Laurel Canan

Little Star alum parent

Sources of Annual Income:


Little Star Montessori School is a non-profit organization dedicated to loving and nurturing young children. For the past 35 years, Little Star has put children and young families first. We believe in the magic of childhood and focus on this vital stage of our lives because it is the foundation from which our curiosity, independence and kindness will grow. We strive to keep tuition affordable for families and set tuition rates far below the true cost of educating a child. Tuition covers about 77% of our operating costs and we fundraise the rest, providing reduced tuition for every child while maintaining the high standard that Little Star is known for. Additionally, each year Little Star provides 30% of our students with financial aid scholarships. This means that all of our Methow children have benefited from the generosity of the greater Little Star Community.

Below are several different ways to get involved. We invite you to join the many individuals and families who give their time, money and talent to ensure that children of the Methow Valley have the opportunity for a healthy and joyful early childhood education. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for investing in Methow Valley children and their families. 

Rayma Hayes Scholarship Fund

Named after our beloved founder, this fund directly supports children and families who need financial assistance.

Little Star passionately believes that a family's personal income should not be a barrier to a quality, dynamic, and inspiring education. 

Each year we work hard to raise funds specifically to assist families in financial need. Little Star provides over $90,000 in financial assistance to families and this will more than double with the Twisp campus. We are committed to making these early learning programs accessible to all families. Scholarships range from 10% to 100% of the annual tuition, depending on a family’s need and financial capacity. Little Star also accepts DSHS payments for those families who qualify.

If you are interested in learning more about the Rayma Hayes Scholarship Fund or would like to make a contribution, you can donate online using the link above or contact Dani Reynaud, School Director at 996-2801.

"Without the scholarship program and the community members who support it, the opportunity to attend Little Star would not have been available. It allowed my boys to be a part of something phenomenal." — Katie Jo Paz, Little Star alum parent

Little Star South Collaborative

The LSSC partnership is actively fundraising and purchasing classroom items to equip classrooms and build the foundation of this critical community resource. Funds are needed to complete renovations and to support financial scholarships for families. Each year, Little Star provides over $90,000 in financial assistance to families and this will more than double with the Twisp campus. We are committed to making these early learning programs accessible to all families. Tuition options will range from full pay to fully subsidized by scholarship, depending on a family’s need and financial capacity. Spaces will be held for those who have unique financial needs. 

Thank you for your support! We share a common vision that investment in early learning benefits children, families, businesses and our entire community! 

By clicking the purple button above, you will launch a page that allows you to make a monetary contribution. The red button below launches a page where we have created a list of materials needed to equip the LSSC classroom. If you have similar items already in your possession that you'd like to donate, please contact Laurel Carlton: laurel@littlestarschool.org.

Little Star Benefit Auction

Little Star’s Auction, held every other year, is our biggest fundraiser and supports the school for two years. Money raised through this event helps our school and community in three critical ways: it supports Little Star’s strong educational programs, it allows our school to keep tuition costs as low as possible, and it supports our scholarship program. Over thirty percent of our students receive scholarship funds. We do whatever it takes to ensure that a family who wants to can attend Little Star. 

Please join us at the Little Star Auction on Saturday, May 20th. You can purchase tickets HERE!

Big Star Giving Circle 

Members of the Big Star Giving Circle support the unique educational opportunities at Little Star through substantial and ongoing contributions.

  • Big Stars - Those who give $500 or more to Little Star annually will automatically be part of the Big Star Giving Circle.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Personal tour of the school– you will be invited to meet the teachers and see the students in action!
  • Invitation to Strategic Discussions about Little Star’s current and future programs and goals.
  • Big Stars will receive preferred seating at our bi-annual auction.
  • Big Stars will receive a beautiful star-shaped ornament, hand-crafted by the Little Star children!

If you are interested in being part of the Big Stars Giving Circle, please contact Dani Reynaud, School Director at 509-996-2801 or dani@littlestarmontessori.org.