Snack Calendar

Each day our parents provide snack on a rotating basis for the program in which your child is enrolled. You will be given a monthly snack calendar to remind you of your upcoming snack, which is also available on our website. Each child anxiously anticipates his/her snack day as this is also his/her sharing day. Please bring the snack to school fully prepared. We have a LOW SUGAR policy for snack and lunch.

State law mandates that each snack at our school must include at least two of the following four components:

  • A milk product (such as milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese);

  • A protein (such as meat, legumes, beans, egg);

  • A grain product (such as cereal, bagel, rice cake or bread); and

  • Fruit or vegetable

Our “no sugar” policy is relaxed for birthdays and other special occasions. When parents forget snacks, Little Star must front the cost of snack for the entire classroom that day. Therefore, if you forget your snack, you have the option of bringing food to help stock our cupboards & refrigerator (i.e. a bag of apples, block of cheese and box of crackers), or a $15 per child fee will automatically be added to your next bill.