Prospective Parents

"Little Star fueled our entrance into this amazing valley and we continue to be amazed and delighted to be part of this wonderful school’s community."

Lisa, Little Star parent

Whether you are new to the Methow Valley or have lived here your whole life, once you enroll your child at Little Star School you become part of an unique community that will continue to touch you and your children for years to come.  I'm not sure if it's the rhythm of seeing the same welcoming faces day after day during drop off and pick up, or the school wide pot luck events, or making new friends through your children's new classmates- but there is a definite, palpable feeling of community and connection at Little Star School.




Lisa's Story

My husband and I longed to live in the Valley—knew someday we’d land here—but didn’t have a solid plan or date to make it happen. We had the idea, though, that when our oldest child was ready to enter kindergarten, we might finally make our move. So, on one of our weekend visits in late January 2011, we were set for an introduction to Little Star. 

On our visit, we went from classroom to classroom, watching the kids in an amazing variety of activities and adventures, all engaged happily, eagerly and energetically. We began in the toddler rooms, moving on to the pre-schoolers, culminating in the kindergarten classroom where we were greeted warmly by the teachers and students. We heard about the different areas staged for learning different subjects; we heard about the Montessori method, where freedom, independence within limits, and the natural development of each child is nurtured and celebrated. I remember gazing around the room, taking it all in, and feeling a well of excitement. My husband and I exchanged a look and simply asked “when can we register?” Well, turns out we could at that moment, so we did. Nine months later, we were full time residents. Little Star fueled our entrance into this amazing Valley and we continue to be amazed and delighted to be part of this wonderful school’s community.


"In college my professors told me that the point of liberal arts education was to "learn how to learn." From a young age, through exploration and fascination, Little Star fosters this concept."

Emily Chenel, Little Star Graduate