Early Childhood (EC)

The Montessori method nurtures the whole personality of the child, not merely his intellectual faculties, which includes the power of deliberation, initiative, and independent choice. The child is encouraged to participate as a member of a real social community, our school. The child learns fundamental social skills which form the basis of good citizenship.

Children will be introduced to phonetic reading and beginning math skills integrated with art, drama, science, geography, puppetry and storytelling. Creative movement, Spanish and field trips will also be included in this program.

Through the use of Montessori materials, children learn and grow at their own rate and according to their own interests. The children develop independence and responsibility as they acquire valuable social, perceptual, intellectual and physical skills. Our open classroom environment provides a challenging and stimulating experience and fosters great joy in learning as the children make their own choices and discoveries. Little Star has a 3 day minimum registration for Early Childhood students.

Through our flexible structure and multi-age classroom environment, it allows the child to work with materials from preschool through elementary according to their interests and capabilities. Our environment offers challenging and stimulating materials to aid and direct academic, artistic and social growth. Our classroom is prepared to strengthen the child’s ability to evaluate, which enables them to make constructive decisions. Decision making is considered the highest function of the human mind. Building self-esteem and learning how to cooperate in a group environment are key goals.

Everything the child has learned and experienced in their first four years of life will be elaborated upon in the kindergarten year. Language arts will be expanded through a study of literature while math skills will be reinforced in science class, cooking, and woodworking. Learning will take place as a unity of activity and thought. Art, music, drama and stories from around the world will emphasize multi-cultural awareness. Spanish and creative movement will be included in our program. 

Age Level: 3 – 6 years

Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:8

Program Hours: Monday thru Thursday, 8:30am – 1:00pm/3:30pm/5:15pm, Friday 8:30am - 1:00pm/3:30pm

Early Childhood (EC) Teachers: Michelle Shaffer & Anna Patterson (Rainbow Room), Kim Claussen & Zanna Gable (Forest Room), and Mariah Clements & Celeste Roberts (Meadow Room)