Little Star South Collaborative

In response to our community’s need for more childcare options, Little Star, Room One and TwispWorks partnered and launched the Little Star South Collaborative (LSSC) which opened its doors in October 2017. Situated on the TwispWorks campus, the LSSC provides year-round childcare for children ages 0-3 years and connects families with resources to help them thrive. 

Little Star provides its high-quality Montessori childcare program to infants and toddlers in Twisp, serving 4 infants and 12 toddlers daily. Our inclusive, supportive, and compassionate approach creates a learning environment where our valley’s children can flourish. 

Room One provides wrap-around family support services and partners with Little Star to provide parenting education and support.

TwispWorks provides the home for the childcare center, a place where children and families are welcomed and community is nurtured. TwispWorks also assists families in developing job skills and community networking.

We extend heartfelt thanks to our Methow Valley community for helping us build this valuable resource for families! 


Infant Program

Age Level: 6 weeks-12/14 months        
Student to Teacher Ratio:1:4
Program Hours:Monday - Friday, 8:30am—12:30/3:30/5:15pm                                                            

Location: Birds Nest Classroom

Lead Teacher:Nicole O’Driscoll
Co-Teacher:Samantha Laskey & Haley Preciado 

The Birds Nest room is an authentically pleasing and peaceful environment.  There is an area for the youngest babies to lay on the floor or a soft mat, where they can have access to mirrors at the floor levels, mobiles to observe, bat and grasp; balls and rolling toys to reach for by creeping; and rattles and objects to hold, shake, bang and mouth.  There are low beds available for naps.  Movement is absolutely critical to brain development, with the same importance to growth and development as proper nutrition.  We also offer a soft climbing structure to work on gross motor development.  There is a pull up bar and furniture placed around the room on which young children can pull themselves up.  There is plenty of push and pull toys to take along when they do begin to walk on their own.  The room is kept comfortable and warm and cozy, which allows infants and very young children to spend time in comfortable clothing that does not inhibit their freedom of movement. The infant classroom also contains several low shelves with fine-motor activities such as puzzles, rings on posts, object permanence activities, and various containers to open and close and fill and empty.



Toddler Program

Age Level: 12/14 months – 2 ¾ years   
Student to Teacher Ratio:1:5
Program Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am—12:30/3:30/5:15pm

Location:Tree House Classroom

Lead Teacher: Elise Knight
Co-Teachers: Ananda Bajema & Nancy Richards                           

LSSC’s Toddler Program focuses on the most vital stage of your child’s life: the beginning. Our program encourages individuality, creativity, and a love of learning.  We encourage self-discipline in an environment rich in motivation and activities. The social interaction develops awareness of self and others through work and play. Using sensorial materials and group activities, this age group incorporates basic Montessori teachings with practical life skills. Music, beginning art, puppetry and nature studies are also offered.

As Toddlers need consistency and a sense of belonging to truly thrive, we require a minimum two-day enrollment for this program. We have found that those Toddlers attending only one day per week have a more difficult time making the adjustment from mom and dad to teachers and friends. Toddlers are given a snack, which is provided by LSSC staff. Parents are asked to pack their child a nutritious lunch, diapers (if needed) and some extra sets of clothes.

How To Register

Please complete the registration form(s) below and return to LSSC or Room One in Twisp. Information on days and hours available can be found on the registration forms. You can also mail to Little Star, PO Box 608, Winthrop WA 98862

Because we want all families to be welcome at the LSSC, we have designated spaces for those who are part of Room One and other support services.

Infant Registration Form

Toddler Registration Form

Scholarship procedure letter - Recognizing that our community and communities like ours across the state have a significant shortage of excellent and affordable childcare, the LSSC will welcome all families and uniquely strive make this resource affordable for all. 

To apply for Little Star’s scholarship program please read the and complete the online application on the FAST website: LSSC Scholarship application.  

How To Support

The LSSC partnership is actively fundraising to build the foundation of this critical community resource. Funds are needed to complete renovations and to support financial scholarships for families. Each year, Little Star provides over $90,000 in financial assistance to families and this will more than double with the Twisp campus. We are committed to making these early learning programs accessible to all families. Tuition options range from full pay to fully subsidized by scholarship, depending on a family’s need and financial capacity. Spaces are held for those who have unique financial needs. 

Thank you for your support! We share a common vision that investment in early learning benefits children, families, businesses and our entire community! 

316 5th Ave, Twisp, WA 98856